ecomaine Talks Trash with E2Tech

The solid waste industry has been challenged in recent months in Maine and elsewhere by fluctuating markets, the COVID-19 pandemic, and evolving packaging materials.  ecomaine CEO Kevin Roche presented, as part of a panel discussion, on the efforts by Maine’s leader in single-sort recycling and waste-to-energy to promote more sustainable policies and strategies to divert waste from Maine’s landfills.

A Minute (or Ten) on Recycling Contamination with ecomaine

Maybe you’ve heard this over the last couple of years, but what we all put in our recycling bin actually matters a lot.  And now, during a pandemic, it matters even more.  Since about 40% of the global supply chain depends on post-consumer materials, yesterday’s office memo and home delivery cardboard box are tomorrow’s toilet paper, box of tissues, or yet another box from the Post Office, UPS, or FedEx.