ecomaine’s 2021 eco-Excellence Award Winners Announced

Normally, ecomaine's eco-Excellence Award winners are announced at a luncheon event with dozens of people in attendance. In fact, the 2020 event was one of the very last events ecomaine held before the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown occurred. But with so much uncertainty in early 2021, we chose to honor this year's class via a video tribute, unveiled at ecomaine's 2021 Annual Meeting in Portland.

Striving for Excellence

ecomaine is proud to share that our organization is the cover feature article in Waste Advantage Magazine this June.  Our work in recycling, food waste diversion, waste-to-energy, commitment to safety and environmental excellence, as well as a significant investment in educational outreach are all covered in the article, available below.  Through challenges in recyclables markets and COVID-19, ecomaine has remained steadfast in its dedication to our mission. 

The benefits of waste-to-energy

A report released this week seeks to inform the waste industry, policymakers, and residents about the benefits of waste-to-energy facilities, like that at ecomaine in Portland.  “The Scientific Truth about Waste to Energy Facilities and Quantifiable Benefits They Provide” by chemical engineer and City College of New York professor Dr. Marco J. Castaldi, employs multiple independent scientific reviews to provide a modern and comprehensive appraisal of waste-to-energy’s advantages in providing a sustainable approach to solid waste.