Annual Report 2017


71 Member Communities Strong

FY 2017 was an important milestone year that demonstrated our leadership in the solid waste industry. We now number 71 communities strong! And just ten years after ecomaine brought single-sort recycling to Maine, we entered the long-awaited movement toward food waste recycling.

Through the food waste diversion efforts of grocery stores, cafeterias, restaurants and curbside collection pilot programs, we diverted more than 2,700 tons of food waste in the very first year of the program. Recycling these valuable organic resources provides a pathway towards our goal of 50% recycling.

This was a good year of learning to provide the best, most economically sound and environmentally responsible food waste recycling solution.

The recycled ton has changed significantly in the past 10 years as lighter, more flexible packaging is adopted by consumer goods manufacturers, online shopping grows, and printed media continues to digitalize.

Despite some of the volatile market conditions we’ve experienced over the last few years, this year we recorded a record $3.8 million in recycling revenues as demand outpaced supply forcing prices to rise for recyclable materials. Our recycling efforts really paid off in FY 17.

Finally and perhaps most notably, we added a record 15 new communities this year, a growth of 51 percent over the past three years. We are now 71 member-communities strong and poised for even more positive growth.

We could not have achieved this position without the leadership of our board, employees and communities. You help us to provide comprehensive long-term solid waste solutions in a safe, environmentally responsible, economically sound manner and help us raise public awareness of sustainable waste management strategies.

Thank you!

Kevin Roche
Chief Executive Officer

Board Of Directors 2017

“Our growth in members gives me continued confidence in a sustainable future for all ecomaine communities for years to come.”

Troy Moon, Chair, ecomaine Board of Directors

Vice Chair
Matthew Frank

Mike Shaw

Erik Street

Outreach & Recycling
Caleb Hemphill

Nominating Committee
David Morton

Maureen McDevitt

Jamie Garvin
Cape Elizabeth

Matthew Sturgis
Cape Elizabeth

William Shane

Rodney Regier

Sherrie Benner

Deborah Cabana

Len Van Gaasbeek

Dennis Doughty

John Tibbetts

Rob Wood
North Yarmouth

Anne Bilodeau

Christopher Branch

Alan Bradstreet

William Donovan

Maxine Beecher
South Portland

Linda Boudreau
South Portland

Scott Morelli
South Portland

Dennis Abbott

Anthony Plante

Mapping Progress

ecomaine is 71 member communities strong, having added 24 new member communities in three years.

What is your community’s recycling rate? Visit  to find out!

Innovative Operators

Success Stories

ECOMAINE EXPANDED its comprehensive long-term solid waste solutions in fiscal year 2017, partnering with Agri-Cycle, the city of South Portland and the town of Scarborough to divert more than 2,700 tons of food waste out of landfills.

“Such a great program for both the City and the environment.”


THIS YEAR, ecomaine surpassed its recycling sales revenue budget by $1.4 million. Recycling Plant Manager John Morin shares the story behind these results.

What drove this record recycling return? It was a strong year for recycling and scrap markets and we were able to get above-average pricing on our recycled paper. Quantity and quality also play a role, as do supply and demand.

EVERY TOUR of our recycling facility begins with “we’re so committed to recycling at ecomaine, we even recycled this facility!”

How do we figure? The balers in the building currently housing our single-sort recycling operation once baled raw trash before our waste-to-energy (WTE) plant came online in 1988 and we converted the baling facility into a recycling operation.

State-of-the-Art Installation

Fiscal Year 2017 also brought new innovation to our waste-to-energy plant with the installation of a new state-of-the-art automated crane to replace our 29-year-old crane. Now, our daytime crane operators can operate two cranes at once by programming a computer to operate the new crane while they operate the other manual crane!

Check out this video!

Raising Awareness

Carmel, Maine

Carmel achieved our most significant year-over-year spike in recycling tonnage—an amazing 81 percent increase in just one year. This eco-conscious community diverted 96.7 tons from the landfill in FY 17, up from 26.6 tons in FY 16. Pictured: The colorful recycling station in Carmel was created by Freeport artist Sebastian Meade for the ecomaine Recycling is a Work of Art 2017 competition.

Glenburn, Maine

Glenburn achieved the second greatest recycling tonnage increase—nearly 33 percent—in FY 17 (95.72 tons) as compared to FY 16 (72.2 tons). Pictured: ecomaine led a Blue Tarp Waste Audit at Glenburn Elementary School in December 2016. Their principal and student-led Green Team helped to implement single-sort recycling right away, diverting recyclables from trash into interior bins and dumpsters.

Windham, Maine

With the help of a $3,000 ecomaine School Recycling Grant, the Manchester School in Windham secured a food waste hauling contract and single-sort recycling bins for their cafeteria. The school went from producing nine large bins of just trash per day to just one, diverting 11,200 pounds from the landfill in 14 weeks and winning the school a 2017 ecomaine eco-Excellence Award.

Waterville, Maine

Waterville Alternative School, winners of a $1,000 ecomaine School Recycling Grant in 2017, used the funds to build on-site compost and recycling bins and raised garden beds. Pictured: Cassidy Hartin, was one of the Waterville Alternative School students to assist with building the three-part compost bin she sits in here. Photo by Linda Nichols.

Can You Recycle That?!?

In response to the many questions ecomaine receives about what can be recycled and what can’t, we began developing a comprehensive RECYCLOPEDIA to help our member communities get answers (and the right bin) every time.

Recycle, trash or compost? Find the right bin by searching the site or downloading the app at

Safe & Well

EMR less than 1

for three consecutive years, showing safety excellence

ecomaine earned our third consecutive industry-leading Experience Modification Rate (EMR) in FY 2017. EMR is the rating analyzing lost time and safety-related injuries. Companies with an EMR rating below 1, as ecomaine has, demonstrate a safer workplace for employees and lower insurance expenses.

Wellness Champion

Denise Mungen

Denise Mungen, Executive Assistant, received the Wellness Champion award from Maine Municipal Healthy Trust for voluntarily leading ecomaine’s wellness program to new levels.

51,000 pounds

of pharmaceutical waste  responsibly combusted

ecomaine partnered with the Maine Drug Enforcement Administration to responsibly combust 51,000 pounds of pharmaceutical waste in FY 17. Pictured: Department of Environmental Protection’s Danni Twomey, ecomaine Environmental Manager Anne Hewes, and Drug Enforcement Administration Supervisor Michael Wardrop.

Financially Secure

Despite year-to-year volatility in recycling and electricity markets.

$3.8 million

Recycling revenue in FY 17

2,700 tons

of food waste moved up the hierarchy

$3.7 million

Electrical revenue in FY 17

↓ 9.5%

decrease in paper tons over 3 years

↑ 5%

increase in contracted waste tonnage over 3 years

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“We want to think outside the box and see if there’s a better way to deliver solid waste management services through a more regionalized approach.”

­— Troy Moon, Chair, ecomaine Board of Directors