Contractor/Vendor Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Certification Quiz

In order to receive an annual helmet safety sticker enabling you to perform work or a service at any ecomaine facility, you must review our 10-minute EH&S training video and answer the questions in the quiz below with a minimum score of 80 percent.

You can see the video here: ecomaine EH&S Training Video

Helmet stickers will be provided to you by your ecomaine contact or from ecomaine Operations Supervisor/Safety Coordinator Mark Dolloff or EH&S Specialist Mark Maritato. Each staff member coming on site to any of ecomaine’s facilities must have completed this training annually.

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ecomaine requires contractors and vendors to provide copies of up-to-date safety data sheets (SDS) to your ecomaine contact prior to bringing any chemicals.
Lockout/tag-out procedures are only a concern of managers.
ecomaine's driveway facility surface drains may be used to wash away work-related dust, debris, or chemicals.
Fall protection is required when working above a height of four feet.
ecomaine provides all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you will need to complete your job.
Specific respiratory protection is recommended for certain areas within the Waste-To-Energy plant.
When entering a permitted confined space, I must be wearing all appropriate PPE prior to entering, and a hole watch person must check off my name as I enter and exit the confined space.
Rowdy or belligerent behavior is permissible so long as a manager does not witness it.
If any emergency alarm sounds, I must exit the facility and report to my ecomaine contact person at the facility-specific muster area.
Since ecomaine is in the business of processing solid waste, it is acceptable for me to leave behind waste of any kind.