ecomaine celebrates America Recycles Week

Here at ecomaine, we’re celebrating America Recycles Week …WITH DATA!

Maybe you knew this is America Recycles Week.  Maybe you know that Thursday, November 15 is America Recycles DAY.  (If so…you’ve earned your ecomaine Public Awareness Badge, junior ranger!)

There’s been a lot of info lately about recycling right, putting waste in the right bin, and the recycling markets.  That’s all really, REALLY important.  But this blog post isn’t about that.

This is about the economic impact of the recycling industry in Maine.  That’s also really important, particularly as the debate ramps up about whether one bad year of recycling markets is enough to put the brakes on these programs that have taken years – DECADES – to cultivate and grow.

At ecomaine, we recycle because we subscribe to the waste hierarchy, and reducing, reusing, and recycling are the top three options when it comes to the stuff we don’t use any more.  But beyond that, it’s a significant piece of the economic puzzle in Maine, too.

As a state, Mainers have recycled more than a million tons a year.  Not bad, right?

All that material makes for 2,000+ jobs in Maine, too.  Even better!

Those jobs pay an average of almost $50,000 in salaries and benefits – better than the state average.

And with $34.5 million in taxes and a total of more than $350 million in total economic impact…?  Recycling in Maine is a big deal.

Nationally, the picture is the same – more than 90 million tons recycled, leading to more than half a million jobs that pay well, and make a BIG impact on the national economy.

You might say that Recycling Makes Cents.  But we’re not going to say that – we’re too busy sorting out all those tons of recyclables to make bad puns!

If you want to learn more about recycling – or ecomaine’s other programs, like our waste-to-energy plant or our ashfill – you can take a tour or field trip, five days a week!  Just get in touch at 207-773-1738 or to set it up!