Pay as you Throw

Do you live in an ecomaine community that uses “Pay as you Throw” trash bags to reduce waste and promote reduction, recycling, and compost? Looking for info on where to buy them or how much they cost? Check out ecomaine’s list and map!

(Information accurate as of January 1, 2021.)

MunicipalityWhere to Buy Bags?How much do the Bags Cost?
CumberlandHannaford (West Falmouth)
Hannaford (Yarmouth)
Shaw’s (Falmouth)
Town Landing Market (Falmouth Foreside)
Food Stop
Town Hall
20 gallon bag:
$1.25 per bag
$12.50 per pack of 10

33 gallon bag:
$2.50 per bag
$25 per pack of 10
EliotEliot Agway
Cumberland Farms
All local businesses located on Route 236 in Eliot
15 gallon bag:
$12.50 per pack of 10

30 gallon bag:
$10.00 per pack of 5
FalmouthShaw’s (Route One)
Shaw's (Northgate, Portland)
Hannaford (West Falmouth)
Falmouth Town Hall
Town Landing Market (Falmouth Foreside)
Waldo’s General Store
Falmouth Public Works Office
20 gallon bag:
$1.91 per bag
$19.10 per pack of 10

33 gallon bag:
$2.95 per bag
$29.50 per pack of 10

Disposal Tag $5.00 each
FreeportPunch cards for sale at
transfer station
$0.90 per 30 gallon
bag at the
transfer station

$18.00 for a 20 bag punch card
$9.00 for a 10 bag punch card
FryeburgPunch cards for sale at
town office
$0.08 a pound at transfer station;
Punch cards come in $10 or $25 amounts.
GorhamTown Clerk's Office
Public Works
(cash or check only)
Hannaford stores in Buxton, Gorham, Standish, and Westbrook
Shaw's in Westbrook and Windham
Gorham Ace Hardware
Community Pharmacy
Baxter Memorial Library
Phinney Lumber on Route 114
Lampron's Little Mart Route 25 in West Gorham
1st Stop on County Rd
Friendly Village office
Pink tags for 15 gallon bag:
$7.50 for 5

Yellow tags for 33 gallon bag:
$15 for 5
Midcoast Solid Waste Corp. (Camden, Hope, Lincolnville, Rockport)Transfer Station
Hope General Store
Western Auto in Lincolnville
Rankin's Lumber
Megunticook Market
Maritime Farms in Rockport
French & Brawn's
All four town offices
20 gallon:
$15 for 10 bags

33 gallon:
$10 for 4 bags
North HavenTown Office
Transfer Station
Sticker for 33 gallon bag: $1.50
North YarmouthTown Office
Shaw's (Falmouth)
Hannaford (Gray, West Falmouth,
and Yarmouth)
15 gallon bags:
$12.50 for 10 bags

33 gallon bags:
$12.50 5 bags
Whole Foods
Cumberland Farms
Many various retailers in
Portland (See for full list)
15 gallon bags:
$1.50 per bag

30 gallons bag:
$3.00 per bag
PownalHannaford (Yarmouth and Gray)
Shaw’s (Freeport)
Bow Street Market (Freeport)
Short Stop
Mallett Hall (Pownal Town Offices)
15 gallon bags:
$3.25 per roll of five bags

33 gallon bags:
$7.15 per roll of five bags
SanfordApache Campground (seasonal)
Aubuchon Hardware
Eastside Convenience
Jerry's Market
Roger's Supa Dolla
Bags cost $13.50 per roll of:

- Small (8-gallon) bags,
packages of 10

- Medium (15-gallon) bags,
packages of 8

- Large (33-gallon) bags,
packages of 5
Tri-County Solid Waste Corp. (Appleton, Liberty, Somerville, Union, Washington)Town offices
Transfer station
33 gallon bags:
$2 per bag
VinalhavenTown offices
Transfer station
30 gallon bag:
$2 per sticker

15 gallon bag:
Half a sticker
WatervilleMost grocery & convenience stores in Waterville15 gallon bags:
$12 per roll of 8 bags

30 gallon bags:
$12 per roll of 5 bags
WindhamAubuchon Hardware
Corsetti's (Windham)
Cumberland Farms (Windham)
Hannaford (Windham, Westbrook, Gray, West Falmouth, and Riverside/Portland)
Shaw's (Windham & Westbrook)
Walgreen's (Windham)
Walmart (Windham)
Windham Public Works
Windham Town Office
13 gallon bag:
$13.50 per roll of 10

30 gallon bag:
$13.50 per roll of 5