ecomaine’s Ashfill Expansion

In 2018, ecomaine started Phase 2 of our Ashfill’s expansion, to increase the amount of space we have to store our inert post-burn ash from our Waste-to-Energy plant.  With 13 more acres, ecomaine will have capcity to store its ash past 2045.

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Below is a collection of photos and video from the expansion, including pictures of the liner installation.  ecomaine takes great care to safeguard the ecosystem at our ashfill site; we install underground drainage systems (pipes, wicks, stone-lined out-flow beds); there are a series of five ponds which cleanse surface waters by using a more natural method that includes planted cattails to absorb iron; and there are more than 200 monitoring points throughout the landfill.  These systems are continuously monitored, and ecomaine takes great pride in our mission, which includes remaining environmentally responsible.

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