Secure Destruction

How It Works

Today more than ever businesses and individuals must ensure the safety and security of information. Secure destruction has become a necessary way of doing business. ecomaine’s secure destruction is perfect for:

  • Large quantities
  • Very small quantities
  • Unique items such as records/files, defective or outdated products, video tapes, and much more.

When you need an inexpensive solution for secure destruction, ecomaine can offer you a unique solution.

ecomaine makes it simple. Schedule an appointment with ecomaine for drop off by calling Denise Mungen at 207-773-1738. Materials can be delivered by your current waste hauler or by your own staff. ecomaine will quickly and securely dispose of your material at its Waste to Energy Facility.


Option A: Your representative and/or driver will escort the materials from the ground floor to the 6th floor and witness the deposit directly into one of ecomaine’s two boilers. Materials will be destroyed on the spot and may be witnessed immediately. A certificate of destruction is provided within 24 hours of disposal. This service is perfect for the most sensitive materials.

Option B: Material is deposited into a large bunker, where ecomaine ensures its complete destruction. A certificate of destruction is provided generally within 24 hours. This service is great for large quantities.


Base rate: $70.50 per ton (prorated). Materials are weighed at scale house upon arrival.

Service fee: $65.00 for first 30 minutes. Additional $65.00 per half hour there after. Service fee assessed after weigh-in.

It’s Fast, efficient, secure, & cost effective!

To see if ecomaine can process your unique materials or to schedule an appointment, call  Denise Mungen at 207-773-1738 or e-mail