From Our Education Sessions: Frequently Asked Questions

Occasionally, ecomaine holds education sessions for our member towns’ staff, transfer station workers, and recycling/solid waste committee members to answer questions and clear up some misconceptions.  We have collected some of the frequently asked questions and answers below.

To see the 2018 Education Session Powerpoint presentations, click here for Kevin Roche’s and click here for Katrina Venhuizen’s.

If you’d like to watch the video of our May 2018 Education Session, see below, from South Portland Community Television.




1.Is [SPECIFIC ITEM] recyclable?

2. Recently, what is the new change in recycling?

3. How do I access updated promotional materials that are printable, for example, the Education and Outreach brochure?


4. Do you take bags and plastic rigid containers?  How small can plastic be?

5. Up until recently, you took my recycling in plastic bags?  Why not anymore?

6. Often items are marked with a symbol or number but are not truly recyclable.  Which “plastic” items are actually recyclable? 

7. How can we (as towns) best share the message about plastic bags and films?

8. How about five gallon buckets?  Are they recyclable?


9. What about recycling mixed materials products like dinner roll tubes with cardboard and metal or foil wrapped cardboard dish powder boxes, for example?


10. Why don’t you take waste oil and recycle it?

11. Where can I dispose of old paint and pesticides?

12. What can I do with small empty propane tanks?


13. Sometimes, residents still put trash in their curbside recycling bins.  How do I encourage proper use?

14. How can we manage contamination in silver bullets in remote areas?


15. How to dispose of electrical wire?

16. How can I throw out sheet rock?

17. How do I recycle old windows with the glass still in them?

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18. What does it mean to be community-owned?

19. How is the Board of Directors elected?

20. Where does all our trash and recycling go?

21. My trash and recycling all seem to go into the same truck. How do recyclables get recovered?

By only putting materials accepted by ecomaine in the recycling bin, you and your residents are helping keep our employees safe and keep costs down for everyone. Thank you!