Waste Conversion Technologies 101 coming Feb. 15

This upcoming training is a must for anyone working in (or interested in) the waste, recycling or materials recovery industries.

Registrations due by no later than Feb. 1 by mailing your completed registration form linked here with a check.

waste conversion e-Postcard_1.15.17<— Click on image to expand.

Learn more our guest speakers Lori Scozzafava and Steven Simmons by click on their names. Learn more about Solid Waste Management Consultants GBB, Inc. here.


  • Waste generation and management in the USA
  • Overview of conversion technologies
  • Mixed waste processing technologies
  • Organic waste processing technologies and mechanical and biological treatment
  • Thermal processing technologies, waste-to-energy, gasification and pyrolysis
  • Who’s developing and implementing projects, and where
  • Conversion project building blocks
  • Conclusions, Q&A

Contact Denise Mungen at 207-523-3100 or by email mungen@ecomaine.org with any questions.