Composting is Worth the Weight!

Did you know that more than one-quarter of Maine’s trash bags are food scraps, food waste, and organic material that could have been composted?

Backyard composting is one of the easiest ways to keep organic material out of the trash.  It also has some other great advantages:

  • It doesn’t weigh your trash down as much.
  • It doesn’t get into ecomaine‘s waste-to-energy plant, making our combustion more damp and less efficient.
  • It’s easy – and “grass-cycling” (leaving clippings on the lawn) is better for your grass!
  • It saves Maine’s towns money on collection and hauling.
  • And it saves YOU money on trash bags!
  • There are no trucks or driving involved – no carbon emmissions!  You just walk it out to your bin, and that’s it.
  • In the end, composting produces rich soil for flower and vegetable gardens – without paying for it (again) at the store.

That’s why ecomaine says backyard composting is worth the wait – and worth the weight!

With our Worth the Weight resources, ecomaine hopes to convince you that bakcyard composting is worth it, too!  Check out our video above, as well as our pamphlet and other resources below.  Let’s get composting!

Click for our composting pamphlet!

Drop-Off Locations:

If you’re looking for a compost drop-off location, instead of putting it in your backyard, here are a few…  If you know of one that’s not here, let us know!  (Some facilities may be for residents only; we advise calling ahead if you’re not sure.)

Transfer Station (118 Sandy Creek Rd)

Transfer Station (Pequawket Trail / Route 113)

Cape Elizabeth…
Recycling Center (10 Cooper Dr)

Recycling Center (468 HL Dow Highway)

Transfer Station (100 Woods Rd)
Community Park (off Winn Rd, behind fire station)

Recycling Center (100 Hedgehog Mountain Rd)

North Yarmouth…
Fire Rescue Station (463 Walnut Hill Rd)

Parks & Rec (75 Frankin St)

Public Works Facility (20 Washington Ave)

South Portland…
Transfer Station (929 Highland Ave)
City Hall (25 Cottage Rd)
Near South Portland High School (637 Highland Ave.)
Golf Course Maint. Building (221 Westbrook St.)
Redbank Community Hub (580 Westbrook St)

Transfer Station (150 Moody Rd)

Transfer Station (178 Round the Island Rd)

Transfer Station (659 East Main St)

Other Compost Resources:

Maine Department of Environmental Protection

University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association


Mainely Worm Bins

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm

How To Compost At Home (National Public Radio)

Curbside Collection:

And if you’re really not into the backyard thing, there are some companies who will pick it up for you!

We Compost It! (Greater Portland)

Garbage to Garden (Greater Portland)

Scrap Dogs (Greater Camden-Rockport)

Mr. Fox Composting (Southern Maine & NH)

Project Earth (Lincoln County)

Agri-Cycle (Collection from businesses & organizations for anaerobic digestion – all over!)