Recycling Do’s & Don’ts – Customizable Outreach Materials

If you would like to help people in your community learn what can and cannot be recycled, you can download these materials and customize them by adding your community’s logo and contact information.

Scroll all the way down to find our YES/NO recycling cards and What to recycle posters in Spanish, French and Arabic.

ecomaine also put together a media kit with instructions on how to embed the Recyclopedia app on your own site, and how to promote its wider use.

If you have any questions, would like help in customizing these materials, or just need any additional information, contact Communications Manager Matt Grondin by email at  or phone at (207) 523-3108.

Posters, Flyers, & Banners

Recycle Here Poster: Yes & No

Large Poster (24″x36″) for recycling drop-off locations

What to Recycle 11 x 17 poster

What to Recycle 8 1/2 x 11 flyer

“Think Twice” 8 1/2 x 11 flyer

Poster: No Plastic Bags in the Cart

Banner (72″x30″): No Plastic Bags

Pop-Up Banner: No Plastic Bags

Poster: Single Stream (No Plastic Bags)

Poster: The Three Rules of Plastics

Mailers, Postcards, & More…

ecomaine’s DO/DON’T Card

Guide to Plastic Films

No plastic

No clothing

No “tanglers”

No food

General Yes/No of single stream recycling

Thank you for recycling

“Oops” Tag

What to Recycle Door Hanger

Sample Informational Letter

Needles & Sharps Brochure

We’ve even got a Do’s and Don’ts list for trash – check it out! 

Other Languages…

Recycling YES/NO card
What to recycle poster

Recycling YES/NO card
What to recycle poster

Recycling YES/NO card
What to recycle poster