Hazardous & Special Waste Disposal

Even ecomaine can’t take everything! Some items should be disposed of in a very specific way – here are some options!

Secure Destruction

Propane, fuel, or gas (oxygen/helium) tanks
Transfer Stations

Needles & Sharps
See our brochure for more details and information.

Prescription Drugs
U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Electronic waste & mobile devices
donation (Goodwill’s Goodtech Program), disposal through North Coast Services or any of these DEP certified consolidators)

Transfer Stations

CFL Lightbulbs & Mercury-containing thermostats/thermometers 

Smoke detectors
Check with your local transfer station 

PaintCare reuse, recycling, energy recovery, and disposal program

Alkaline batteries can go into the trash; rechargeable batteries should be disposed of at these locations.

Car batteries
Mainely Batteries

Waste Oil
Maine DEP 

Motor vehicles
Maine DEP

Maine DEP