Hazardous & Special Waste Disposal

Even ecomaine can’t take everything!

The items below should be disposed of in a very specific way, and NOT at ecomaine unless granted specific permission.

Check the links below for more options for hazardous and special types of waste.

Propane or other gas tanks should go to your local transfer station.
Electronic Waste can be donated to Goodwill’s GoodTech program or disposed of through a DEP certified option.
Appliances should go to your local transfer station.
Mercury-containing bulbs and thermostats should be brought to special drop off locations (click each link for options).
For smoke detectors, check with your local transfer station.
Maine has a great paint stewardship program – check with PaintCare for your closest drop-off location.
Single-use batteries can go in the trash, but any rechargeable battery must be disposed of at special drop-off locations.
Car and marine batteries should go to a special drop-off location.
Some auto parts stores and transfer stations take them, and there are some specialty stores that do, too.
For waste oil, check with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.
For motor vehicles, check with the Maine DEP. For auto parts, go to a scrap metal or auto salvage business.
For fireworks and flares, check with the Maine DEP or your local fire department.
Click here if you need a Secure Destruction.
ecomaine accepts prescription drugs in the trash at its waste-to-energy plant for combustion. In ecomaine communities, please places these in the trash. For more info, see the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s website.
Needles & Sharps: See our brochure for more details and information on how to properly dispose of sharps.

Click here for a list of unacceptable waste at ecomaine