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Which bin should I put it in?

Single-sort recycling lets you put ALL of your family’s recyclables into the one blue bin. But what can be recycled? We can tell you.

Download a comprehensive list in English, French, Spanish, or Arabic or look up your item on our comprehensive online database, Recylopedia. You can even add it to your phone as an app!

About ecomaine

37,699 tons of recyclables kept out of Maine landfills
90% reduction in volume of trash to post-waste-to-energy ash
100,000 megawatt hours of power generated from Maine trash

Looking for info on ecomaine’s recycling tagging education program?

ecomaine’s Recycling Tagging Education

Green, yellow, and red tags – what do they mean for your curbside recycling?  What is — and isn’t — recyclable, anyway?  There’s more info right here!


  • ecomaine to celebrate waste and recycling hauling community, focus on safety

    Following a year in which essential services took on a whole new meaning, ecomaine will celebrate the drivers and crews that collect Maine’s recycling and trash, and who have done so throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • ecomaine’s 2021 eco-Excellence Award Winners Announced

    Normally, ecomaine’s eco-Excellence Award winners are announced at a luncheon event with dozens of people in attendance. In fact, the 2020 event was one of the very last events ecomaine held before the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown occurred. But with so much uncertainty in early 2021, we chose to honor this year’s class via a video tribute, unveiled at ecomaine’s 2021 Annual Meeting in Portland.

  • Striving for Excellence

    ecomaine is proud to share that our organization is the cover feature article in Waste Advantage Magazine this June.  Our work in recycling, food waste diversion, waste-to-energy, commitment to safety and environmental excellence, as well as a significant investment in educational outreach are all covered in the article, available below.  Through challenges in recyclables markets and COVID-19, ecomaine has remained steadfast in its dedication to our mission. 

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