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Which bin should I put it in?

Single-sort recycling lets you put ALL of your family’s recyclables into the one blue bin. But what can be recycled? We can tell you.

Download a comprehensive list in English, French, Spanish, or Arabic or look up your item on our comprehensive online database, Recylopedia. You can even add it to your phone as an app!

About ecomaine

40,377 tons of recyclables kept out of Maine landfills
90% reduction in volume of trash to post-waste-to-energy ash
100,000 megawatt hours of power generated from Maine trash

Recycling Tagging & Education

Recycling Education in Southern Maine

ecomaine interns are pounding the pavement, providing education for residents in southern Maine on what is (and isn’t) recyclable.  Carts will be graded with a green, yellow, or red tag, depending on the contamination levels inside, and educational materials will be left, so Mainers know which bin to put it in!


  • ecomaine Talks Trash with E2Tech

    The solid waste industry has been challenged in recent months in Maine and elsewhere by fluctuating markets, the COVID-19 pandemic, and evolving packaging materials.  ecomaine CEO Kevin Roche presented, as part of a panel discussion, on the efforts by Maine’s leader in single-sort recycling and waste-to-energy to promote more sustainable policies and strategies to divert waste from Maine’s landfills.

  • A Minute (or Ten) on Recycling Contamination with ecomaine

    Maybe you’ve heard this over the last couple of years, but what we all put in our recycling bin actually matters a lot.  And now, during a pandemic, it matters even more.  Since about 40% of the global supply chain depends on post-consumer materials, yesterday’s office memo and home delivery cardboard box are tomorrow’s toilet paper, box of tissues, or yet another box from the Post Office, UPS, or FedEx. 

  • ecomaine announces winner of Upcycle2020 Challenge, winner of $2,020 grand prize

    Katherine Bender of Falmouth High School upcycled old clothing into new hair accessories; wins grand prize for FHS

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