Single Sort Guide

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Are you a recycling superstar?

With ecomaine’s Single-Sort Recycling you can combine all your glass, metal, paper, cardboard, and plastics #1-7 (except plastic bags) into one recycling container. It’s simple, and with more than 120 recycling containers in 60 locations throughout southern Maine, ecomaine provides convenient, energy-efficient disposal of recyclable materials.

EM What To Recycle Poster

Feel free to download the above poster or the “Yes/No” door hanger linked here to educate your colleagues, family or neighbors about how to recycle right.

Things that can’t go in the bin, include:

A detailed list of what can and can’t go in the bin is available here.

Will it Recycle?

A form to submit questions about what can and cannot be recycled.
  • Got a question about what can or cannot go into the Blue Bin for recycling? Use this space to drop us a note and we'll get you an answer as quickly as we can. Use the post-image button above to send us a picture of the item in question, if you like.