Secure Destruction Services

ecomaine offers secure destructions, the current tonnage rate is $185 per ton plus a service fee of $100 per 30 minutes. Fork lift service is also available at $100 per 30 minutes. Contact Executive Assistant Denise Mungen for an appointment or for more information at 207-523-3100.

Option A: Your representative and/or driver will escort the materials from the ground floor to the 6th floor and witness the deposit directly into one of ecomaine’s two boilers. Materials will be destroyed on the spot and may be witnessed immediately. A certificate of destruction is provided within 24 hours of disposal. This service is perfect for the most sensitive materials.

Option B: Material is deposited into a large bunker, where ecomaine ensures its complete destruction. A certificate of destruction is provided generally within 24 hours. This service is great for large quantities.