What Can Be Recycled?

Richard V., ecomaine Recycling Operator

ecomaine single-sort recycling lets you combine your paper, cardboard, glass, metal, and rigid plastic containers #1-7 (no Styrofoam, bags, or films, please) into one recycling container.

With locations throughout Maine, ecomaine provides simple, convenient, and energy-efficient ways to recycle your materials.

Not sure what can be recycled?  Before you put it in the bin, look it up on our Recyclopedia or browse our item list below.


Which bin should I put it in?

Single-sort recycling lets you put ALL of your family’s recyclables into the one blue bin. But what can be recycled? We can tell you.

Download a comprehensive list in English, French, Spanish, or Arabic or look up your item on our comprehensive online database, Recylopedia. You can even add it to your phone as an app!