Sustainability Initiatives

At ecomaine, we take pride in our various sustainability practices. At our Recycling and Waste-to-Energy Facilities, sustainability is a key factor. We also take care to educate others on ways to be ecofriendly.

Ways We Stay Sustainable:

  • The renewable electricity generated at our Waste-to-Energy Facility is used to power our fleet of EVs, both the Recycling and Waste-to-Energy plants, administrative building, and 15,000 Maine homes per year
  • The heat produced by our Waste-to-Energy Facility is used to heat our buildings
  • Saving landfill space by reducing volume of waste by 90%
  • We produce negligible amounts of methane compared to traditional landfills
  • We are consistently mitigating and monitoring our emissions from our Waste-to-Energy Facility
  • Our countertops are made from recycled glass
  • Educational outreach encourages sustainability within our communities
  • Internal wellness programs that incentivize healthy lifestyles
  • Water
  • We collect 6,000 tons every year of food waste that is sent to anaerobically digested at Agri-Cycle Energy
  • Highlighting sustainable businesses in our communities