Credit & Account Applications

Upon completion of a credit application for waste, recycling , or bulky waste, please send to the attention of Kelly Rickett via:

  • FAX to 207-773-8296
  • Scan & e-mail to rickett [at] ecomaine [dot] org
  • Mail to ecomaine, 64 Blueberry Road, Portland, ME 04102

Credit application

Bulky waste definition

Accounts Receivable Payment Terms

Adopted ecomaine, rules for handling accounts receivable from its commercial, industrial, and private waste handling accounts:

  1. All accounts must be paid within thirty (30) days of the billing date shown on the face of the invoice.
  2. If any such invoice remains unpaid sixty (60) days after the date of the invoice, a written request will be sent to the account holder requesting payment within fifteen (15) days of both the delinquent amount and half the balance of the next thirty (30) days’ balance.
  3. Upon failure to pay in compliance with the terms of this letter, the account holder’s privilege to use the ecomaine facilities shall immediately be revoked until all outstanding accounts have been paid in full on a current basis.
  4. ecomaine reserves the right to terminate the privileges of any account holder who fails to pay his account in accordance with the above terms.