Tours of ecomaine

ecomaine is currently conducting small-group, in-person tours of our facilities for adults. Please get in touch with us for your very own tailored presentation and tour! And if you’re not quite ready for in-person tours yet, that’s OK! Click on the virtual tour links below.

ecomaine offers group and individual tours of any of our three facilities:

  • Waste-to-Energy Plant
  • Recycling Center
  • Landfill / Ashfill

PLEASE NOTE: our Waste-to-Energy and Recycling facilities are industrial operations with steep stairs, elevated walkways, and open‐grate flooring. For those with restricted mobility, ecomaine can provide informational presentations and video tours on‐site in our large ground floor meeting room. (These interactive presentations are available to all our guests upon request and at no cost.)  Hard hats, safety glasses, and high-visibility vests are required to take an ecomaine tour.