ecomaine’s eco-Excellence Awards

ecomaine is proud to recognize the champions of sustainability in our communities through the ecomaine eco-Excellence Awards every March.

Nominations are always accepted through our web form below (preferred), or you can email a completed nomination form to Awards criteria: Nominees must be located in or serve one of ecomaine’s communities

Nominees can be businesses, schools, nonprofits, or individuals and will be selected based on the effectiveness, increased awareness, community impact, and ease of replication of their sustainability programs or initiatives. Read about last year’s winners here.

The Awards luncheon will be held in March each year.  In the meantime, start thinking about the eco-heroes in your city or town.  Don’t let your community miss out!

2021 eco-Excellence Award Nomination Form

Complete this form to nominate an individual or a business for the coveted ecomaine eco-Excellence Award.
  • Please list the town where the nominee lives or works. Nominees must live, work or be located in the municipality for which the award will be given; that community must be an ecomaine community.
  • Please use between 100-250 words to describe the reason for this nomination. Award Criteria: Effectiveness, Increasing Awareness, Community Impact and Ease of Replication. Each municipality may have an award winner in both the community and the business categories. Any person or organization may submit multiple entries; self-nomination is allowed. All effort or activities in support of sustainability are eligible for award, regardless of size or scope. Award recipients may be individuals, organizations or businesses. There is no age limit. The nominated activity must have occurred during the past year or be ongoing to be eligible. Nominees must live, work or be located in the municipality for which the award will be given; that municipality must be an ecomaine community.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.