Tours and Educational Outreach

ecomaine is happy to offer group and individual tours of any of our three facilities

  • Waste-to-Energy Plant (Please note: You must be in the 7th grade or above to tour)
  • Recycling Center (Please note: You must be 2nd grade or older to tour)
  • Landfill / Ashfill (No age limits)

There is no cost to tour our facilities or to schedule a presentation within ecomaine’s 70+ member communities.

To inquire about a tour, see  here for detailed information, then call us at 207-773-1738 or email to make arrangements.

We are also pleased to make presentations at schools or businesses.  We put specific focus on what happens to trash and the importance of recycling and food waste recycling, however our presentation can be tailored to address individual education goals about waste management and a variety of related topics.  More info is in ecomaine’s Education & Outreach brochure.