Latest Past Events

There’s No Such Thing As Away


Have you ever wondered what happens to your trash after you throw it “away?” We’re here to tell you, and it’ll probably surprise you. Join Katrina Venhuizen, Senior Environmental Educator at ecomaine, to learn how your household waste is turned into renewable energy and what you can do to further reduce the space your household’s […]

Taking the Stink Out of Trash (Compost)


From your backyard to an industrial composting facility, we’ll go over all the ways available to make sure your food scraps are contributing to local soil production instead of sitting in a landfill! Join Katrina Venhuizen, ecomaine Senior Environmental Educator, in learning more about what’s in your trash can and how to reduce your household […]

Virtual Program with ecomaine & Prince Memorial Library (Cumberland)


Join ecomaine and Prince Memorial Library to find out what happens when you throw something "away."  (Hint - it doesn't really go away!)  Learn about recycling and sustainable waste management from Maine's leader in single sort recycling, waste-to-energy, and sustainable waste recovery.