ecomaine announces purchase of all-electric waste hauling trucks

ecomaine generates around 100,000 MWh of electricity every year – all from Maine’s trash!  That’s enough to power our own operations, our two electric vehicles, and about 15,000 homes in our region, too!

Now, we’re putting even more of that electricity to use.  ecomaine is the first company in the U.S. to purchase two all-electric trucks to haul waste that are entirely powered by waste-to-energy.

“This presents a unique opportunity for ecomaine – and Maine, as a whole – to serve as a real leader in this emerging technology.

The fact that we are using trucks to haul waste that are also powered by waste really closes the loop on the story of Maine’s trash.  And since waste-to-energy generates ten times more electricity than a landfill, our role as both the supplier and the user of this power is magnified even more.” — ecomaine CEO Kevin Roche

By using e-trucks that are powered by waste to haul waste, ecomaine estimates that we will save approximately 75% on fuel costs over six years, when comparing diesel to the amount of electricity it would use from its waste-to-energy plant, in addition to the trucks’ zero-emission feature and fewer mechanical parts to maintain.

The trucks will join ecomaine’s electric cars (also powered by trash!) as we aim to increase public awareness about sustainable strategies for Maine’s waste, including the advantages of electricity produced by waste-to-energy.

“This is a real win-win for Maine.  To have ecomaine pilot this technology and to research its application on behalf of all 70 of our communities allows us to mutually benefit from that knowledge, rather than each town going it alone.” — ecomaine Board Vice Chair & Scarborough Director of Public Works, Mike Shaw

The two e-trucks, purchased from The Lion Electric Co., were made possible in part by a joint grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection.  ecomaine is expected to take receipt of the trucks in late 2020.

ecomaine previews the Lion Electric Company’s Prototype Truck (Waste hauling versions coming to Portland, Maine in late 2020!)