Slow Down to Get Around: A SWANA Campaign

ecomaine is continuing to put safety first with our support of the “Slow Down to Get Around” campaign that encourages safe driving, especially within the ecomaine campus.

As we get ready for National Safety Month in June, our team is compiling various safety campaigns to keep us safe! One of the biggest safety precautions we take here at ecomaine is adhering to our 10 MPH speed limit on the ecomaine campus. As a municipally owned non profit, we care about making sure our employees, contractors, and the public feel comfortable walking around our facilities. Therefore, we are beginning to put a larger emphasis on the “Slow Down to Get Around” campaign that was put into effect by SWANA (Solid Waste Association of America).


Did you know that the most common cause of death for solid waste industry workers in 2019 was being struck by one’s own waste vehicle, followed by single vehicle accidents involving only a waste vehicle? The waste management industry continues to be one of the most dangerous industries, and promoting more cautious driving efforts is one way of helping lower risks.


ecomaine will be handing out stickers for haulers with this campaign slogan, and will be closely monitoring speed levels on the campus. We also encourage you to visit the SWANA page that explains in further detail this campaign and the hazards workers face due to speedy drivers. Let’s all do our part to keep safety as a priority!


For any questions, please contact or our Safety Manager Chris Bosch at