Using ecomaine’s Tipping Hall

When you’re here disposing of trash, there are a few, very important safety requirements to know.

We all want the ecomaine waste-to-energy tipping floor to be as safe as possible. When customers are here and getting rid of waste, please follow these very important instructions…

Whether you’re in a big compactor truck or a small personal vehicle, keep distance between you and your closest fellow tipper – and stay visible to others at all times!
We use lasers as a guide to help you stay in your lane, and not back up too far.
Don’t back up too far! The red line is there for your safety, to keep everyone away from the trash bay openings – please stay in FRONT of that red line, away from the opening.

Other tips & recommendations:

Do not enter the tipping hall until the operator gives permission. Wait for the automated arm to lift.

Stay within four feet of your vehicle – never cross the tipping hall without the operator’s permission.

Motion to the operator if you need assistance. Make sure you have their attention before approaching.

No children are allowed out of a vehicle onto the tipping floor.

Only one person should exit the vehicle, unless a second is needed to unload.

Wear shoes with good traction, gloves, safety glasses, and high-visibility clothing.

Hearing protection is also recommended. Ask the operator if you would like some.

Reminder: stay a MINIMUM of six feet away from the trash bay openings and chutes.

Reminder: Leave ten feet of space between you and your neighboring truck.

No alcohol or smoking is permitted on site.

Be vigilant to other traffic in the area where you are dumping.

Be especially vigilant when large trucks are dumping next to you – unstable loads may create rolling debris hazards in your area.

Maintain appropriate speeds at all times (that’s 10 mph), especially when entering and exiting the tipping hall. And observe all stop signs.

Blowing litter of any kind is not acceptable. Please make sure your loads are covered when entering and exiting the facilities.

Liquid leakage on roads and driveways is not acceptable. If a leak occurs, it is up to the driver or customer to request Speedy Dri from the tipping hall to contain the spill immediately. Please notify the tipping hall attendant immediately.

ecomaine is NOT permitted to accept hazardous waste of any kind. If you have or spot such materials in your load, please promptly notify the scale house or tipping hall attendant immediately.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep ecomaine safe and clean. We all have a stake in the success of these vital operations.