ecomaine’s Master Recycler Course

Become a “Certified ecomaineiac” with our guided curriculum!

You’re the kind of person who LOVES recycling (clearly – here you are, reading this page!)  People know to come to YOU for the “do’s and don’ts” of recycling right. 

Now there’s a way to make it official!  Sign up to become a Master Recycler!  This is an in-depth, self-guided, six-month course that goes from Recycling 101 to expert-level, with supervision by ecomaine’s education staff.  It’s chock full of activities, reading, and resources – and sure to fill up quickly!  And it’ll earn you the title you’ve always wanted:

Certified ecomaineiac!

Throughout the course, you will receive training on the do’s and don’ts of recycling, how our facility helps us manage recycling and waste from more than 450,000 Maine residents, and much more education about the solid waste industry, policy, and markets.

Event Timing: A new module will begin each month, beginning in April 2021
(See below to select your six-month module)
Event Location: Online
For more information, contact us at (207)773-1738 or

ecomaine Master Recycler Sign-Up

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  • Though this course is most applicable to people in ecomaine's 70 member communities, we welcome anyone. But we'd like to know where you're coming from, to tailor the experience.
  • This course is designed to take about six months, but it can be completed in less. We are rolling it out in monthly "waves;" please let us know which module(s) work best for you.
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